Support material for trainers

The Facebook game

Now the first intellectual output for the INAR project is finished and published – the Facebook game on myths and facts about migration.

The fb game can of course stand alone for anyone wo wants to do a little fact check on the topic for them selves. As support material for training we see it both as a good reminder for people who are developing their own training on the issue and it could also be used before, during or after the training.

One way of using it during a training would be to have people work together in pairs or in groups of four, discussing each question first in the group and then looking at the answer together. This is not to be seen as a test but a good way of checking your knowledge and as base for discussion.

You can find the link here:

The handbook  –  “I’m not a racist, but…”

Planning and delivering anti-racist training – handbook for trainers

This handbook is designed for trainers who design and deliver anti-racism, anti-discrimination or anti prejudice training. Its aim is to support trainers to make their work as effective as possible, including by influencing resistant learners with approaches which have been shown to change attitudes. It has a focus on everyday racism, which provides a practical and relatable way of communicating the impacts of racism and the importance of challenging it.

It is supported by a video resource demonstrating delivery of some of the exercises within the handbook, and a Facebook game.

The training modules and the support videos are within the handbook. View the video resource by using the QR code inside the handbook or by clicking the links.

Who is this handbook for?

This handbook is most suitable for trainers with intermediate to advanced experience of delivering anti-racist, anti-discrimination or anti-prejudice training.

It provides methods, exercises and good practice tips for planning and delivering training, however it can’t be used as a ‘training pack’. Trainers can use this handbook to plan and deliver their own training programmes, designed for the specific audience they work with.

The approaches set out here are suitable for a wide range of audiences, but have been selected with mixed groups of adults in mind. This would include, for example, groups of people in the workplace, community groups or groups of adult students. In these groups, individuals will have a wide variety of viewpoints and experiences.

This handbook should support you to:

  • Set learning outcomes for challenging racism, discrimination and prejudice
  • Select exercises designed using evidence on effective methods that work to change attitudes
  • Build in essential training content to ensure learners understand racism and discrimination, and how these issues impact people’s lives
  • Create a high-quality training programme to deliver the learning outcomes
  • Deliver training using evidence based approaches that have been shown to work to in challenging racism, discrimination and prejudice

English version: INAR Handbook X English

German version: INAR handbook X German

Romanian version: INAR handbook Romanian

Icelandic version: Ég er enginn rasisti, en… handbók X